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Web Page Updated 6-12-04
Circular Dimensions
P.O. BOX 2895
Poughkeepsie, New York 12603
phone: 845 - 471 - 4301



      Circular Dimensions was started in May of 1993. At first we displayed the photos of fine china in flea markets, and organizational fairs. Shortly there after, the product line was set up in stores in Dutchess, Orange, Ulster, Sullivan counties in the State of New York and the State of Connecticut. At its peak, we were servicing 52 locations. The prominent locations included photo finishing locations and pharmacies.

       Several years into the business, we went Coast to Coast through mail order catalogs. In less than a year, we were shipping our product to all the States in the Union (uncluding Alaska & Hawaii.) And there were some sales to foreign countries.

       In the operation of the business, we have issued over 1000 free plate certificates as an inducement for people to “try before they buy.” We have sold several thousand items with pictures affixed with our unique process - “photo glazing.”

       It has been our policy, where ever possible to pass savings on to our customers. When developing special projects, Circular Dimensions has always absorbed the cost of development. The operation of Circular Dimensions has always been done with better than average cost controls and we therefor feel we should always pass the savings on to our customers where ever possible.

       Sadly, we must say; we have no control on shipping coast. We ship US Priority Mail and with the inclusion of electronic tracking, we have a secure and product safety delivery rate nearing 100%.

       Many of our customers know only of our “standard line.” In the past few years we added many new products, some to accommodate new photo formats, other at the request of our customers. Because of the expense to create literature/brochures for these new items, there display was limited to flea markets, fairs and retail outlets. Now you can see them online.

       The process of mounting oval pictures into oval china is still in development.

      S.A.B. - Owner